For them: 3 basics for a spectacular beard

Having a beard is not as simple a topic as we imagine, as it requires great care to look spectacular. Here are 3 basics of beard care to make you look no less than a model.



It seems obvious, but it is not. Just as we wash our face and hands daily, the beard should also be washed daily, as it is exposed to external agents such as pollution, food remains, etc. that besides dirtying it also deteriorate the quality of facial hair. In addition, the skin under the beard also usually accumulates impurities. That is why maintaining daily hygiene of the beard and facial skin is of utmost importance. There are soaps specifically formulated for the cleaning the beard and facial skin and these are essential in the bathroom of any gentleman.



The growth of the beard tends to dry out the skin, which can cause scaling and itching, besides impacting the quality of the beard. Precisely, why constant hydration of the beard is needed.

Products like balms with its wax like texture can be used for hydration of the beard. Wax is applied by rubbing a small amount between the hands and applying it on the beard. Alternately, you can also apply beard oil. Rub a few drops between your hands and massage on the beard. You can also apply both at once: balm and beard oil.



Shaping and styling of the beard is not as easy as we think. Taming it and giving it the ideal shape according to your face type requires the hands of a professional.

Within styling of the beard, we can talk about shaping, trimming and combing. While shaving the beard, the most important and basic aspect is to avoid shaving it in a straight line at the beginning of the neck. It is advisable to shave the beard of the neck in the form of an inverted bow. If you want it very thick, you can always reduce the volume. If you’re thinking of leaving it long and leafy, it is important that you shape your temples and the chin area. Make sure your beard is thicker in your jaw and chin region than it is in the around your ears.


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