How do facial scrubs help me?

Exfoliations are used to cleanse your skin from dead cells which should be removed at least once a week, thereby aiding the appearance of new cells that make the skin smoother and free of impurities.

These exfoliations will help you to cleanse the pores, polish the face and better absorb lotion and cream vitamins that we apply on the face.

Although there are several options to make homemade peels, we suggest that you only apply products recommended by professionals since certain products can cause considerable side effects or skin irritation, triggering more serious dermatological problems.

It is very important that the makeup is always removed at night as it covers and blocks the pores, preventing them from breathing. This causes blackheads.

At Marco Aldany, we offer you different types of exfoliation treatments where our experts help you evaluate your skin type and the damage done. They adapt the exfoliation process accordingly.

Having healthy skin is the best reward you can give yourself!

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