“The Balayage”

Balayage is a French technique with which a uniform distribution of luminosity in the hair is achieved. The word “balayage” means to sweep. In this technique, the color is swept from the root to the tips, achieving a natural and luminous look.

Balayage began as a coloring technique that sought to diffuse the color from the root without being as aggressive as a complete discoloration and has evolved to become a technique of highlighting. It can be combined with other techniques making it to very natural and personalized. We know it is not new this year but it is certainly a very used and high in demand technique as many women will want to go with the natural enhancement it gives to hair.


In our social networks we have heard comments saying that the Balayage are Californian wicks, only more elegant. But this is not true. Here we are speaking of two different techniques. In the case of the Californians, we speak of a discoloration from the roots to the tips, without a change in tone. On the other hand, the balayage allows a degradationof the illuminations starting from the root to the tips, obtaining a soft and subtle gradient.

The change is not so radical but merely highlighting the hair.

This style is more natural, making it perfect for those women who do not have much time to go to the salon beauty.

How Long Should You Have Your Hair For This Technique?

Balayage can be applied in virtually all types of hair, whether medium or short and works especially well for relaxed waves.

Though our professionals advise that it is best to do it when the hair is medium to long as this length best highlights the color degradation and the technique itself.

Did you like this technique? Do you dare to do the balayage? In Marco Aldany we can help you create this infallible look.


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