The perfect cut for this spring

We know that spring has arrived and this season offers a lot in terms of beauty, fashion, makeup and above all haircuts.

“Bob” is already a favorite among celebrities and until a few months ago the “Long Bob” was “IN”, but now the new cut called “Midi” has taken over. It consists of hair slightly longer than shoulder length. It can be straight as in the years gone by or with fringe adding a more youthful touch.

Leaf Headband


Wearing a short cut, the possibilities of hairstyles are plenty. You can wear a “boho” headband with some detail like feathers, the typical flower crown, side braids or the classic waves at the ends. But remember that if you decide on the last option it will be better to mark them in a subtle way to prevent your cut from appearing to be even shorter.

Middle Hair

The cut is perfect to show a “Bayalage”. Remember to ask your stylist if your hair supports the discoloration that this cut requires. You can ask for a resistance test to know the number of discolorations that you will have to make before you arrive at the desired tone and thus prevent your hair from being cut or suffer any unnecessary damage.
Later follow the hair care regime that your stylist recommends to restore the strength of your hair by replenishing it with the desired nutrients.

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