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The Hairdressing and Aesthetics Sector

Marco Aldany operates in the constantly evolving and highly demanding hairdressing sector. Our services are about more than just a change of look. We strive to satisfy the emotional demands of our clients to boost their self-esteem and improve their sense of themselves.

The sector of aesthetics has been revolutionized by several factors. In addition to the emotional factor, we must also address the growing concerns surrounding personal image. This sector not only grows favorably, but remains unchanged in times of economic recession, making it one of the sectors that offer greater guarantee and security for investors.

At Marco Aldany, we combine the commercial and emotional facets of our business to offer a solution that satisfies both clients and franchisees: hairdressers who not only stay abreast with the latest industry trends and styles but are also sensitive to the needs of the clients; regular development and training of professionals.