Which haircut favors your face shape?

Getting that perfect haircut to suit your face is not an easy task. We recommend the following cuts according to the shape of your face.

1. Oval Face
Any cut looks good on an oval face. You can sport any of the current hot haircuts or be a little more to fashion the “men bun”.

2. Round face
It is best to take a cut with volume at the top, keeping the sides short. Try the style that is very fashionable today with the middle stripe or “side-part”.

3. Square face
It is best to wear it as short as possible as this enhances your masculine features. This look is known as the “Shave look”.

4. Triangular face
If you have a triangular face, you can go for slightly longer hair cut in layers.

5. Broad face
It is best to take a cut with little volume on the top and to lengthen it.

6. Diamond face
It is best to take a cut with volume on the top to cover the cheeks. However, we do not recommend middle parting.



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