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For them: 3 basics for a spectacular beard

Having a beard is not as simple a topic as we imagine, as it requires great care to look spectacular. Here are 3 basics of beard care to make you look no less than a model. Hygiene! The growth of the beard tends to dry out the skin, which...

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9 Tips to avoid infections due to makeup

Cosmetics and skin care products can hold more bacteria than we can imagine. So, it is important to be careful during application. Makeup can be infected with bacteria after first use, where it enters a state of decomposition and can cause conjunctivitis or skin rashes and inflammation upon application....

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Don’t follow the trend, create one!

While most girls are aware of the latest trends to adopt and adapt to their lifestyle, there are others who remain quiet, have a style of their own, who like to go against the rules and are always ready to break them. They are the ones who create new...

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