Luminosity, security and strength … the powers of the Tiger Eye Hair

Luminosity, security and strength … the powers of the Tiger Eye Hair

Imagine being able to bring the famous amulet of protection and confidence in your hair with new vibes !! …this trend comes very strong, even artists such as Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez have already used it. There really is not a big difference with other gradient techniques, but it gives a more natural effect to hair.

This type of tincture is inspired by the “tiger eye” stone. This coloring technique consists of mixing different tones of bronze, gold and dark brown in soft and degraded lines, resulting in hair that is rich in color, volume and luminosity. To recreate this color, we need to have a base in dark chocolate to later apply the caramel and amber tones. Although this technique highlights with straight hair, it works just as well with wavy hair. Undoubtedly, it is the way to go this upcoming holiday season.

Until a few months ago, the Balayage and metallic tones were the sensation in colorimetry, however, the Tiger Eye Hair has now arrived as the favorite to close the year. This is added to countless types of colorings such as the Ombré, Sombré and Flamoyage, which are all techniques known for subtle coloring.

We live in an age where despite all the advancements in technology and with every new invention of the artificial world our roots always want to return to nature. Beauty is not an exception as we leave behind the uniform and boring dyes to give way to coloring techniques that make us our hair look naturally beautiful.

Long live the color!


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