9 Tips to avoid infections due to makeup

9 Tips to avoid infections due to makeup

Cosmetics and skin care products can hold more bacteria than we can imagine. So, it is important to be careful during application. Makeup can be infected with bacteria after first use, where it enters a state of decomposition and can cause conjunctivitis or skin rashes and inflammation upon application. Here are 9 tips to use makeup in a way that saves you a visit to the dermatologist later.

  1. Wash your brushes with a brush shampoo every 15 days if only you use them. In case you share, it is ideal is to wash them every time a different person uses them. Sometimes it is tedious because of lack of time or other causes so it is best that everyone has their own tools.
  2. When applying or removing eye makeup be very careful not to touch the eyeball as it may present irritations and problems in the eyesight.
  3. It is important that you check your make up for clumps, change of color or some strange smell before every application.
  4. Avoid sharing your cosmetics, since it increases the risk of contracting viral and other infections.
  5. Do not leave your cosmetics at temperatures over 29°C. Forgetting them in your vehicle for long hours can cause it to melt.
  6. It is advisable to change your cosmetics every 6 months. Make sure you put the date of purchase on the product when you buy it. This way you’ll know when you have to change it.
  7. Makeup bases are mostly used for sun protection. When expired, they no longer offer effective protection against the sun. Therefore, avoid using makeup bases post the date of expiration.
  8. Have an atomizer that contains liquid alcohol and use it to spray products before applying them on your face. When you test products in stores, have a bottle with alcohol to spray each time before testing on your skin.
  9. The presence of bacteria on hands and applicators increases the probability of causing infection. Therefore, it is very important to maintain proper hygiene of hands and brushes.

Make these tips a part of your makeup routine and the benefits will soon be noticeable on your skin.

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