Don’t follow the trend, create one!

Don’t follow the trend, create one!

While most girls are aware of the latest trends to adopt and adapt to their lifestyle, there are others who remain quiet, have a style of their own, who like to go against the rules and are always ready to break them. They are the ones who create new trends and are most imitated.But let’s talk about a trend that has lasted and that refuses to leave. I’m talking about the color effect called Balayage that has been flaunted by stars like Sarah Jessica Parker. Let’s take a look at what this effect is all about.

The Bayalage is a French technique that leaves a uniform distribution of luminous color in your hair. This is achieved by sweeping the color from the root to the tip in a way which gives a more natural look. It’s a long process (it will take several hours in the salon) but it’s worth it.

Care to be that girl who decides to break awayfrom classic colors to go for a Balayage fantasy?


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